is the home for the Maley brother's competition barbeque team. The team was started by two brothers Dan and Jim Maley. Starting in 2011, the Maley brothers achieved a call in each of the three competitions. We come from the land of 10,000 lakes. At least that is what it says on our Minnesota license plates.

Canterbury Park State Championship was the team's first competition, where we earned 9th place in the steak competition out of 33 teams. During this contest, we had the privilege to be neighbors to some of the best teams in the barbeque tour including the number one ranked Munchin Hogs@The Hilton BBQ team. They mentored and helped us along. I think they would be happy to hear that our next competition was beyond our expectations.

At the SMSU Smokefest contest the Flying Aces BBQ team placed 1st in the pork category! This was a real highlight in the start of our journey. Our final contest for 2011 was at the Big Island BBQ State Championship. At this competition, we placed 7th in the brisket category! This was another highlight mostly because the brisket category was our worst category in our previous competitions. Our improvements in our recipe and approach to cooking brisket are starting to show.

What's next, we are starting to put our plan together for next year. One thing for sure is that we plan to compete in more competitions with a stretch goal of winning one overall first place with the hopes of making the KC Royal invitational next year. We will be perfecting our recipes and our competition game plan till our next competition. Come say hi, if you happen to come across our team at a competition. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for checking out our site!

Dan and Jim Maley